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"Lettre de la main gauche"
L.-F. Céline

Doppelseitiges Dokument
Rahmen 43 cm x 33 cm

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Louis Ferdinand Céline : Letter to his parents,
written from the front with his left hand

"Dear Parents, I am making a shy attempt to write with my left hand which, as you see, brings me back to pre-school times ..."

Hazebrouck, November 1914. Louis-Ferdinand Celine, who preceded the call to arms and engaged in the 12th regiment of cuirassiers in Rambouillet in 1912, volunteered for a dangerous mission. His right arm was wounded on 27 October 1914 in Poelkapelle. The medical officer advised amputation but Céline refused, and was transferred and operated in Hazebrouck. This is where he wrote this letter to his parents, telling them about his daily life, his physical suffering, his hope to see his situation improve, his loss of his sleep...

Céline was then sent to the hospital of Val-de-Grace (wish expressed in this letter), was decorated and received the military cross with the silver star. 

Celine handwritten letter

Limited edition : 1000 numbered copies

Doppelseitiges Dokument, in einer Doppelglaseinrahmung präsentiert 43 cm x 33 cm).

In Frankreich hergestellter Holzrahmen. Jedes Bild wird in unseren Werkstätten in Cambremer von Hand zusammengestellt.