Lettre à Juliette Drouet von

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"Lettre à Juliette Drouet"
Victor Hugo

Doppelseitiges Dokument
Rahmen 22 cm x 32 cm

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The document 

A love letter written by Victor Hugo to his mistress Juliette Drouet on 27 September 1876.



 'I was dead, I am alive, you are my heart's blood, my eye's clarity, my life's life, my soul's soul. To me, you are more me than I am. I am forever in your wings. I adore you madly and religiously, oh my angel!'


Victor Hugo and women

Married to his childhood friend Adèle Foucher, Victor Hugo met the young actress Juliette Drouet in 1833. She would who soon become the second woman of his life (although this new relationship wouldn't prevent him from taking on other transitory mistresses). Hugo wrote Drouet many poems and letters throughout their affair. This is one of them. 

Doppelseitiges Dokument, in einer Doppelglaseinrahmung präsentiert (22 cm x 32 cm).

In Frankreich hergestellter Holzrahmen. Jedes Bild wird in unseren Werkstätten in Cambremer von Hand zusammengestellt.